United States
Defense Logistics Agency
Meritorious Civilian Service Award
Purpose: Second highest-level agency honorary award for civilian employees (see below award criteria)

Approval: Granted by the heads of DLA Field activities, and for Headquarters employees, by the Heads of Business Areas and/or the Director DLA.

Recognition received: Engraved bronze medal, a lapel button, and a deluxe award certificate signed by approving official.

Nominators may request appropriate publicity in Columbus Federal Voice by coordinating with DSCC-DE

Criteria - may be awarded for services such as the following, which are not broad enough in scope to warrant the DLA Exceptional Civilian Service Award:

a. Accomplishing assigned duties in an exemplary manner, setting a record of individual achievement and inspiring others to improve the quality and quantity of their work performance.

b. Exercising unusual initiative in devising new or improved work methods and procedures resulting in substantial savings in manpower, time, space, materials, or other items of expense, or improving safety or health of employees.

c. Outstanding achievement in improving the morale of workers in an organizational unit with consequent improvement in work performance.

d. Demonstrating unusual courage or competence in an emergency while performing assigned duties.

e. Other outstanding performance related to official employment, comparable to that above, deemed by the Director DLA, or the head of the PLFA or Business Area to be worthy of recognition.

*This award is not normally granted in conjunction with retirement.

**Normally the DLA Superior Civilian Service Award should receive consideration as a prerequisite to this award, when appropriate.