Vietnamese Medals and Awards
National Order
Order of the Dragon
Order of the Golden Gong
Kim Boi

Administrative Service Medal
Agricultural Service Medal
Air Force Distinguished Service Order Class I
Air Force Distinguished Service Order Class II
Air Force Meritorious Service Medal
Armed Forces Honour Medal Class I
Armed Forces Honour Medal Class II
Army Distinguished Service Order
Campaign Star
Chuong Mai
Civic Actions Class I
Civic Actions Class II
Civilan Medical Unit Medal
Cross of Gallantry
Justice Medal
Kim Tien
Labour Medal Class I
Labour Medal Class II
Labour Medal Class III
Leadership Medal
Life Saving Medal
Psychological Warfare Class I
Psychological Warfare Class II
Military Merit Medal
Military Service Medal
Naval service Medal
Police Honour Medal Class I
Police Honour Medal Class II
Northern Expeditions Medal
Social Services Medal
Special Service Medal
Staff Service Class I
Staff Service Class II
Technical Services Medal Class I
Technical Services Medal Class II
Training Services Medal Class I
Training Services Medal Class II
Wound Medal
T'ai Federation Civil Merit Order Knight Class