Instituted : 2001 by the United Fire Brigade Association of New Zealand

This medal was bought out to celebrate the United Nations International Year of the Volunteer (IYV).  This medal was awarded to all volunteer members of the New Zealand Fire Service who had completed 90 days of service during the period of the IYV which was December 2000 through December 2001.

The ribbon of this award is orange representing the New Zealand Volunteer firemen and the UN Blue in the centre representing the United Nations which sanctioned the award.

There are other variations of this basic medal in existance and each is identifiable by different wording at the foot of the obverse of the medal.  But in each case the rules are essentially the same :

New Zealand Fire Service
NZ Rural Fire service
UNITED NATIONS (2 known awards in NZ)

The NZ Police Volunteers received a medallion type award in a presentation box.

The St John Ambulance were considering the idea of the medal but did not accept the idea.

The issue to the R.N.Z.R.S.A was in the form of an A4 size picture of a drawing of a medal with the RNZRSA inscription at the bottom.  They were not issued any medals.

New Zealand
International Year of the Volunteer Medal 2001
United Fire Brigade Assoc of NZ