Official Awards
- Issued under NZ Royal Warrants
Air Efficiency Award
Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
Efficiency Decoration
Efficiency Medal
Fire Service Long Service Medal
Military Commendations
Chief of Defence Force Commendation
Chief of Air Force Commendation
Chief of Army Commendation
Chief of Navy Commendation
Naval Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
Naval Volunteer Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
NZ Antarctic Medal 2006
NZ Armed Forces Award
NZ Bravery Decoration
NZ Bravery Medal
NZ Bravery Star
NZ East Timor Medal
NZ Cadet Forces Medal
NZ Cross
NZ Customs Service Medal
NZ Defence Service Medal
NZ Distinguished Service Decoration
NZ Gallantry Decoration
NZ Gallantry Medal
NZ Gallantry Star
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Arabian Gulf
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Bougainville
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Cambodia
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Indian Ocean
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Iraq
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Korea 1954-57
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Korea 1958-2000
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Mozambique
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Peshawar
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Rwanda
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Sinai
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Somalia
NZ General Service Medal (Peacekeeping) Thailand
NZ General Service Medal (Warlike) Kuwait
NZ General Service Medal (Warlike) Vietnam
NZ General Service Medal (Warlike) Near East
NZ General Service Medal (Warlike) Malaya 1960-64
NZ General Service Medal - Afghanistan
NZ General Service Medal - Iraq 2003
NZ General Service Medal - Solomon Islands
NZ General Service Medal - Timor Leste
NZ General Service Medal - Korea 2001 -
NZ Meritorious Service Medal
NZ Operational Service Medal
NZ Order of Merit
NZ Service Medal 1946-49
NZ Special Service Medal (Nuclear Testing)
NZ Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami)
NZ Special Service Medal (Erebus)
NZ War Service Medal 1939-45                                              
Order of New Zealand
Police Long Service Medal
Prison Service Long Service Medal
Queens Medal for Champion shots in the NZ Armed Forces
Queens Medal for Champion Shots in the NZ Naval Forces
Queens Medal for Champion Shots in the NZ Air Forces
Queens Service Medal
Queens Service Order
Republic of Korea War Medal
Reserve Decoration
RNZAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
RNZN Long Service & Good Conduct Medal
Suffrage Centennial Medal 1993
Traffic Service Long Service Medal
Victoria Cross for New Zealand
Volunteer Reserve Decoration
1990 Commemorative Medal

International Organisational Medals
Multinational Force and Observers Medal
NATO Article 5 Medal
NATO Non Article 5 Medal
NATO Medal for Former Yugoslavia
NATO Medal for Kosovo
United Nations Medals (link)

Foreign Awards to New Zealanders
East Timor Border Service Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal
Republic of Korea War Medal
Zimbabwe Independance Medal
Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM)

NZ Unofficial Organisational Awards
Empire Veterans Membership Medal
Kings Empire Veterans - Centennial Medal 1999
NZ Rural Fire Service International Year of the Volunteer Medal 2001
UFBA 5 Year Service Medal
UFBA Gold Star Award
UFBA International Year of the Volunteer Medal 2001
Wellington Free Ambulance Service Medal

Legion of Frontiersmen
Pioneer Cross
Cross of Merit
Distinguished Service Cross
Long Service & Efficiency Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Star of Merit
90th Anniversary Medal
2004 Centennial Medal

The Order of St Stanislas
25th Anniversary Medal
Chevaliers Cross
Faithfull Service Medal
Gold Cross of Merit
Silver Cross of Merit
Star of the Knight Grand Cross

Misc Unofficial Medals
Cambridge - Hamilton Fun Run 50th Anniv Medal
HMS New Zealand Medal 1913

Medals of New Zealand
Applying for Medals

A medal is instituted by the Sovereign by means of a Royal Warrant. The Warrant names the medal, gives the reason why it has been created and details the medal's design and in most cases the colour of its ribbon. The Government then issues Regulations for the award and administration of the medal and it is this document which sets the eligibility criteria and qualifying service for its award. Eligibility is usually based on service in a particular branch of the Armed Forces, service in a specific area of operations, and a qualifying length of time spent in that area. Personnel who meet all of the eligibility criteria may be awarded the medal. The Regulations for many medals awarded to New Zealanders are published in this website. They can be accessed from individual medal pages.

Applying for Your Own Medals
After the Second World War servicemen and women were invited to apply for the medals for which they were eligible. Many did not do so at the time and the New Zealand Defence Force still receives medal applications from former Service personnel today. If you are an ex serviceman or woman who has not previously been issued with the medals to which you are entitled, or you don't know what you are entitled to, the process is very simple.

Write to:
Staff Officer Medals
Personnel Archives
Private Bag 905
Upper Hutt
New Zealand

You must include the following information to assist the Archives staff to locate your file:

Full Given Names and any other names you are known by
Date and Place of Birth
Service Number
Rank and Service (Army / Navy/ Airforce)
Regiment / Battalion/ Unit / Ship
Period of Service
Next of Kin, Address and Occupation at time of Enlistment

(Don't forget to include your current Address and Phone Number in the letter)

Applying For Family Members Medals
There is a growing interest from many families in the military service given to the nation by their deceased relatives. If the medals to which your relative was entitled have never been issued, it is still possible for family members to claim them. To do so you should write to Staff Officer Medals (see above address) and provide as much of the above information as possible to assist the Archives staff to locate your relative's file: Most importantly, you must provide documentary proof of your relationship to your relative and a copy of their death certificate or funeral notice.

Replacing Lost Medals
Lost medals can only be replaced during the lifetime of the person to whom they were originally awarded. To do so you should write to Staff Officer Medals at the above address including the above list of information to assist the Archives staff to locate your file:

You must also include a Statutory Declaration swearing that you have lost your medals.

Nominating Others for Medals
Any New Zealander can nominate any other New Zealander for the award of a New Zealand Honour. There are two Honours Lists published each year at New Year and for the Queens Birthday in June. The Honours Secretariat of the Prime Ministers Department manages the Honours and Awards process. The form to nominate others for Honours and Awards is available from the Honours Secretariat web site