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Presidential Awards

Presidential Medal of Freedom
Presidential Citizens Medal
Presidential Medal of Merit
Public Safety Officers Medal of Valor
President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion Medal

Awards of Civilian Agencies

Office of the Secretary of Defense
Award for Outstanding Public Service
Civilian Service Medal

Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
Distinguished Honor Medal
Meritorious Honor Medal
Superior Honor Medal

Agency for International Development
Distinguished Career service award
Distinguished Honor Award
Outstanding Career Achievment award
Superior Honor Award

Border Patrol
75th Anniversary Medal 1999
Chiefs Commendation
Excellence in Group Achievement
Exceptional Service
Newton Azrak Medal for Heroism
Purple Cross Wound Medal

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Career Commendation Medal
Career Intelligence Medal
Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal
Distinguished Intelligence Cross
Distinguished Intelligence Medal
Exceptional Service Medal
Intelligence Commendation Medal
Intelligence Medal of Merit
Intelligence Star

Coast & Geodetic Survey (C&GS)
Atlantic War Zone Medal
Defense Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Pacific War Zone Medal

Coast Guard
Distinguished Public Service
Meritorious Public Service

Defense Atomic Support Agency (DASA)
Exceptional Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal

Defense Civil Preparedness Agency (DCPA)
Distinguished Service Medal

Defense Commissary Agency
Career Service Award
Distinguished Service Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
Superior Service Award

Defense Communications Agency (DCA)
Exceptional Civilian Service Medal

Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Service Medal

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Exceptional Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
NCS Exceptional Civilian Service Medal
NCS Service Medal

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Civilian Combat Support Medal
Directors Award
Exceptional Civilain Service Medal
Expeditionary Medal
Leadership Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal

Defense Investigative Service (DIS)
Exceptional Civilain Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian service Medal

Defence Logistics Agency (DLA)
Distinguished Career Service Award
Exceptional Civilian Service Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Award
Superior Civilian Service Award

Defense Mapping Agency (DMA)
Distibguished Civilain Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
Superior Civilain Service Medal

Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA)
Exceptional Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal

Defense Security Service (DSS)
Service Medal

Defense Special Weapons Agency (DSWA)
Directors Lifetime Achievement Award
Exceptional Civilian Service Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Award

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Distinguished Service Medal
Exceptional Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal

Department of Commerce
Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal

Department of Defense
Distinguished Civilian Service Medal
Civilian Service Medal

Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service
Exceptional Civilian Career Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Career Service Medal
Outstanding Civilian Career Service Medal

Department of Defense: Inspector General
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Superior Service Medal

Department of Energy
Award for Valor
Exceptional Service Award
Meritorious Service Award
Secretary's Award

Department of Justice
Drug Enforcement Agency
Purple Heart Award

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Commendable Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal
Young American Award

Department of State
Award for Heroism
Secretary of State Career Achievement Award
Distinguished Honor Award
Meritorious Honor Award
The Secretary of State Distinguished Service Award
The Secretary of State's Award
Superior Honor Medal
Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service

Department of the Army
Decoration for Distinguished Civilian Service
Secretary for the Army Public Service Award
Outstanding Civilian Service Medal
Commanders Award for Public Service
Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service
Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service
Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
Superior Civilian Service Award
Commanders Award for Civilian Service  
Achievement Award for Civilian Service

Department of the Airforce
Exceptional Civilian Service Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Award
Outstanding Civiliian Career Award
Exceptional Public Service Award
Distinguished Public Service Medal
Civilian Air Medal
Civilian Achievement Medal
Civilian Aerial Acheivement
Civilian Medal for Valor - Gold
Civilian Medal for Valor - Silver

Department of the Navy
Distinguished Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Award
Superior Civilian Service Award
Distinguished Public Service Medal
Meritorious Public Service Medal
Superior Public Service Medal
Captain Conrad Award for Scientific Achievement
Distinguished Achievement in Science
Distinguished Civilian Medal for Valor

Department of the Treasury
Bureau of Alcahol Tobacco & Firearms (BATF)
Distinguished Service Medal
Gold Star Medal
Medal of Valor

Department of Transport (DOT)
DOT Distinguished Service Medal
DOT Distinguished Valor Award
DOT Outstanding Unit Award
DOT Secretary's Award for Meritorious Achievement
DOT Secretary's Award for  Outstanding Achievement
DOT Secretary's Award for Superior Service

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Civilian Achievement Medal
Civilian Commendation Medal
Distinguished Civilian Service Award
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal
Distinguished Public Service Award
Outstanding Public Service Medal

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Distinguished Career Service Award
Commendable Service Medal (Gold Medal)
Exceptional Service Medal (Silver Medal)
Superior Service Medal (Bronze Medal)

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Valor Medal

Federal Emergency Management (FEMA)
Distinguished Service Medal

Government Accounting Office (GAO)
Career Development Medal
Distinguished Service Medal

Merchant Marine
Atlantic War Zone
Combat Bar
Defence Bar  
Distinguished Service
Expeditionary Medal
Galant Service
Korean Service Medal
Mariners Medal
Med/Mid East War Zone
Meritorious Service Medal
Pacific War Zone
Vietnam Service
WW2 Victory

Distinguished Public Service
Distinguished Service Medal
Equal Employment Opportunity Medal
Exceptional Achievement
Exceptional Administrative Achievement
Exceptional Bravery
Exceptional Engineering Achievement
Exceptional Scientific Achievement
Exceptional Service Medal
Exceptional Technological Achievement
Medal of Honour
Outstanding Leadership
Public Service Medal
Space Flight Medal

National Communications System
National Communications System Medal
National Communications System medal type 2

National Imaging & Mapping Agency (NIMA)
Distinguished Civilain Service Medal
Meritorious Civilain Service Medal
Superior Civilain Service Medal

National Intelligence Agency
Achievement Medal
Distinguished Service Medal

National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Administrators Award
Association of Commissioned Officers Medal
Corps Commendation

National Security Agency (NSA)
Exceptional Civilain Service Medal
Service Medal

Naval Training Systems Center (NTSC)
NTSC Medal (Obsolete)
NTSC Medal (Current)

On-site Inspection Agency (OSIA)
Exceptional Civilian Service Medal
Meritorious Civilian Service Medal

US Information Agency (USIA)
Distinguished Honor Award
Meritorious Honor Award
Superior Honor Award

US Public Health Service (USPHS)
Achievment Medal
Bicentennial Unit Commendation
Commendation Medal
Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon
Commissioned Officers Association Membership
Crisis Response Service Award
Distinguished Service Award
Foreign Duty Ribbon
Hazardous Duty Service Award
Isolated Hardship Service Award
Meritorious Service Medal
National Emergency Preparedness Award
Outstanding Service Medal
Outstanding Unit Citation
PHS Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon
Regular Corps Service Ribbon
Special Assignment Service Award
Special Smallpox Eradication Campaign
Surgeon Generals Exemplary Service Medal

Red Lake Indian Nation
Health Services Gold Medal

State Awards
Police & Fire Awards

State Awards
National Guard


National Guard Medals
Arizona Correctional Medals


The California Service Medal

Army National Guard homepage
Air National Guard


Delaware Code

District of Columbia

National Guard Heritage Centre
Polk County Sheriff's Purple Heart




Idaho Law Enforcement and Firefighting Medal of Honor


Indiana Code


Kansas City Police Department
Oklahoma City Police Dept  (go to "Police Awards" link)
Topeka Police Department
Wichita Police Department

State Awards and Decorations
The Kentucky Medal for Valor



Md. Air National Guard Awards & Decorations


Army National Guard
Air National Guard


National Guard Awards & Decorations

Missouri National Guard Veterans Awards
St. Louis County Police Department


State Awards and Decorations


New Hampshire

New Jersey
State Distinguished Service Medal
State Vietnam Service Medal
Proposed New Jersey Homeland Security Medal

New York
State Medals
New York State Shields
New York State Medal of Merit
State Conspicuous Service Cross  (Further link)
NYPD Awards and Insignia
Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award

North Carolina

North Dakota
Army National Guard

National Guard ribbon rack builder
Euclid Police Dept Awards
Elyria Police Department




Puerto Rico

Rhode Island
Military Medals and Awards

South Carolina

South Dakota


Texas State Guard Association



Virgin Islands

Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor
Medals of Merit and Valor

West Virginia
Civil War Medals
Medals of the Civil War
7th West Virginia Cavalry
Medal of Honor



Misc & 9.11 Awards
NY/NJ Port Authority Police Dept 9-11 Medal
Dept of Transport 9.11 Medal
Dept of Transport 9.11 Ribbon
Defense of Freedom Medal   

Awards of the US Military
Aerial Achievement
Air Force Achievement
Air Force Air and Space Medal
Air Force Combat Readiness
Air Force Combat Action Medal
Air Force Commendation
Air Force Cross
Air Force Distinguished Service Medal   
Air Force Good Conduct   
Air Force Reserve Meritorious Service
Airmans Medal                 
Air Medal                                                               
American Campaign                                               
American Defense                                                  
Antarctic Service Medal                                                    
Armed Forces Expeditionary                                  
Armed Forces Service
Army Achievement Medal 
Army Commendation    
Army Distinguished Service Cross
Army Distinguished Service Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal
Asiatic/Pacific Campaign
Bronze Star
China Service - Army
China Service - Marine Corps
Coast Guard Achievement Medal
Coast Guard Arctic Service Medal
Coast Guard Commendation
Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal
Coast Guard Gold Lifesaving
Coast Guard Good Conduct
Coast Guard Medal
Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct
Coast Guard Silver Lifesaving
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Defense Superior Service Medal
Distinguished Flying Cross
Euro/Afro/Mid East Campaign
Expert Pistol - Coast Guard
Expert Pistol - Navy
Expert Rifle - Coast Guard
Expert Rifle - Navy
Global War on Terrorism - Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism - Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism - Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Global War on Terrorism - Iraq Campaign Medal
Humane Action Medal
Humanitarian Service
Joint Service Achievement
Joint Service Commendation
Korean Defense Service Medal
Korean Service Medal
Kosovo Campaign Medal
Legion of Merit
Marine Corps Drill Instructor Ribbon
Marine Corps Expeditionary
Marine Corps Good Conduct
Marine Security Guard Ribbon
Meritorious Service Medal
MFO Director Generals Award
MFO Service Medal
MFO Civilian Service Medal
National Defense Service Medal
National Security Medal
Naval Reserve Meritorious Service
Navy Cross
Navy Distinguished Service Medal
Navy Expeditionary
Navy/Marine Corps Achievement
Navy/Marine Corps Commendation
Navy/Marine Corps Distinguished Service
Navy/Marine Corps Medal
Occupation Medal WW2 - Army
Occupation Medal WW2 - Navy
Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
Philippine Independence
Philippine Liberation
Prisoner of War
Purple Heart
Silver Star
Soldiers Medal
South West Asia Service
Victory WW2
Vietnam Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal Civilian
Vietnam Campaign Star
Womans Army Corps

Ribbon Only Awards
Air Force Basic Military Training Honor Graduate
Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon
Air Force Gallant Unit Citation
Air Force Longevity
Air Force Meritorious Unit Award
Air Force Military Training Instructor
Air Force NCO Professional Military Education Graduate
Air Force Organised Excellence
Air Force Outstanding Airman
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
Air Force Overseas Service - Long Tour
Air Force Overseas Service - Short Tour
Air Force Recognition
Air Force Recruiter
Air Force Small Arms Expert
Air Force Training Ribbon
Army NCO Professional Development
Army Overseas Service
Army Reserve Component Overseas Service
Army Service Ribbon
Coast Guard Basic Training Honor Graduate
Coast Guard Bi-Centennial Unit Ribbon
Coast Guard Commandants Letter of Commendation
Coast Guard 'E'
Coast Guard Presidentail Unit Citation
Coast Guard Recruiting Service Ribbon
Coast Guard Restricted Duty Ribbon
Coast Guard Sea Service Ribbon
Coast Guard Special Operations Ribbon
Fleet Marine Force
Marine Combat Action
Marine Corps Recruiting Ribbon
Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon
Navy/Marine Overseas Service
Navy Arctic Service
Navy Ceremonial Guard
Navy 'E'
Navy Recruiting Service Ribbon
Navy Recruit Training Service Ribbon
Navy Reserve Sea Service Ribbon
Navy Unit Commendation

Unit Citatons
Air Force Meritorious Unit Commendation
Air Force Presidential Unit Citation
Army Meritorious Unit Citation
Army Presidential Unit Citation
Army Superior Unit Award
Army Valorous Unit Award
Coast Guard Unit Commendation
Joint Service Meritorious Unit Award
Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
Navy Presidential Unit Citation
Philippine Presidential Unit Citation
Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation
Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation
Vietnam Cross of Gallantry w Palm
Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation 
Military Awards
There are a lot of websites that have the information regarding the various US Military awards that it has been decided that we will concentrate on information regarding the civil agency awards with a reference listing of all of the Military awards only at the foot of this page